Monday, 28 September 2009

Chas & Dave plus FREE Records

Had some pretty good finds this weekend, actually, make that very good finds. My local Sunday bootsale was kind to me with a small but quality batch of Boosey & Hawkes Library LP's (nice early '70s Drama action - haven't had any Librarys for a while - good to know they're still out there), the Sound Experience "Boogie Woogie" album (classic breaks) and my first copy of Enoch Light's "Spaced Out" L.P. (been after this for years - Beatnuts heat). As well as those little gems I also picked up an album I'd never heard of or come across before - "Soul Survival" by U.K. sessioners 'Soul Sounds'. The track listing alone was good enough to take a punt on - covers of "Jump Back", "Sunshine Superman", "Philly Dog", "I Feel Good", etc, but I was set on buying it as soon as I laid eyes on the lovely cover. Turns out to be a great beat driven Hammond album featuring none other than everybody's favourite Cockney chappies 'Chas & Dave'. Released on E.M.I. / Columbia in 1967 and also featuring Nicky Hopkins, Carlo Little, Chris Lamb, Brian O'Shay, Bob Mather and Dick Errington. I've uploaded three tracks from it to accompany more music from my favourite 'find' of the weekend...

Whilst DJing at the 'Colours Doomed' art battle on Saturday night a rather attractive young lady approached my mate Bobby with a box of records she's just pulled from her car. Turns out she was doing a bootsale in the morning, noticed we were playing Vinyl and kindly said we were welcome to have anything we wanted completely free of charge. Her parents record collection of around 100 LPs consisted of the usual bootsale classics - James Last, Perry Como, Max Bygraves, etc, but tucked amongst them was Al Green's "I'm Still In Love With You' album, an import copy of the 'Shaft' soundtrack, an interesting looking Reggae 12" on Trojan and the record you see pictured alongside the Soul Sounds album - "Wingding Party" by a group called 'Trax Four'. I asked for the Al Green and Trax Four, Bobby had the other two. I already knew the Al Green, an obvious staple piece but took the opportunity to upgrade to a better condition copy. However, the Trax Four I had never come across before and with versions of "Watermelon Man", "Comin' Home Baby" and "Moanin" listed amongst the tracks was definitely worth grabbing for free. You can hear these tracks below - all top notch Hammond groovers that I was over the moon with. I can't remember the girl's name who bought the records in, but if by any extremely bizarre chance you ever read this, I just want to say "thank you" - I'll buy you more than a Diet Coke if I ever bump into you again.

Trax Four "Comin' Home Baby" (1966 Ace Of Clubs L.P. track)

Trax Four "Moanin'" (1966 Ace Of Clubs L.P. track)

Trax Four "Watermelon Man" (1966 Decca / Ace Of Clubs)

Soul Sounds "Jump Back" (1967 E.M.I. / Columbia)

Soul Sounds "Last Night" (1967 E.M.I. / Columbia)

Soul Sounds "I Feel Good" (1967 E.M.I. / Columbia)


Anonymous said...

great!!!! Thanks a lot!

Listen Recovery said...

The SpacedOut LP, I first heard it in 1997, from some dude's pops records. Then I got it from him, and Jrocc then after used it to sample a track for LMNO. I think is one of the Beatles covers songs... Anyhow, I also was looking for this record for years... finally found it in Fullerto. but the dude didn't want to sale it, cus is was scratch. So finally about two years ago, I bought a Jazz Record from some old cat at the BeatSwapMeet in LA, and as I was diggin' I stumble upon the LP. He said, take, is yours, free record...