Thursday, 24 September 2009

MC Mikey D & The King Of The Beats 'Beat Challenge'

I'm a bit late posting this up but hopefully it will reach a few interested South Coast readers in time.

Next Friday 'Positivity' will be hosting the
'King Of The Beats' Beat Challenge at The Loft in Brighton with special guest performance from legendary New York emcee 'Mikey D'. No need for introductions here - if you're into Hip-Hop you should be familiar with both. If not follow the links and do your homework. Doors open at nine with Sparkii (London Posse producer) hosting the 'Beat Challenge', followed by live show from Mikey-D as well as quality Hip-Hop and Funk all night courtesy of DJ's Beathoven (Puma Strut), Tipster (Knowledge Of Self), Southpaw & Foly (Ill Technicians) and yours truly - Superstar Krum Allah. It's 'on' til three in the morning and is guaranteed to be a great night so if you're down on the South Coast make sure you come along!

Tickets are £5.00 (available from Rare Kind Records as well as the usual Brighton outlets) or £7.00 on the door (arrive early to avoid disappointment).


Waxer said...

Yo Krum! Nice to put a name to a face, we need to knock heads old son! I'll let you know in advance about the old school UK podcast I'm gonna do, nice to meet ya, nuff respect, peace.

MR KRUM said...

Yes mate...good to meet you too. Hope you had a good night.

Keep me informed about the Podcast - should be fun.

Cheers - D