Tuesday, 8 July 2008

DJ Tools...

Around the same time as scratching was invented by Grandwizard Theodore in the Bronx, records were being produced specifically for Radio and Mobile DJ's to use by a company called EAP, over here in East Anglia! I'm sure there was probably the same type of service available in the States, where albums with jingles, sound effects and voice-overs were being manufactured for licensing to Radio Stations and individual DJ's, but as of yet I haven't come across any. I've picked up a few different U.K. ones over the years though, which to be honest, are hilarious at best and the thought of any DJ actually using them is cringe worthy. The novelty of having your own name on a record to play during sets must have been pretty exciting though, especially for the Mobile Disc-Jockey. And that is exactly what EAP were offering - personalised voice overs and jingles. I'd like to know how much they charged but I shouldn't think it was cheap. Of course, nowadays you've got Serato, so it's pretty easy to do your own 'scratch sentences' for absolutely nothing. In the 70's though, I think it must have felt pretty special to be lacing the latest chart hits with your own name drops at John and Wendy's wedding reception down the local social club.

This little 45 is a promo, showcasing everything EAP had to offer. Make sure you check both sides. Pure comedy gold, which is completely unintended.

EAP's Demonstration Disc 'Side 1' (1978 EAP promo 45)

EAP's Demonstration Disc 'Side 2' (1978 EAP promo 45)

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