Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hip Hop & Rappin' In The House

Remember Hip-House? Of course you do. It was damn near impossible to avoid during the late 80's. Every Euro-pop producer and their crackhead daughter were giving it a go, a lot of them achieving chart success with some of the worst songs ever recorded. But as any Hip-Hop collector will know, most of their favourite artists also jumped on the Hip-House bandwagon, be it with the compulsory 'last track on the album' or B-side remixes. And I'm not talking about those shitty CJ Wackintosh mixes, I'm talking Marley Marl, Ced-Gee, Erick & Parrish, 45 King, productions. Obviously with the visible chart success dollars signs were flashing, and they all cashed in. Now I don't mind some of the old Chicago and Detroit House music, and obviously I love my Hip-Hop, but not together. Leave that to Rob-N-Raz or Bettie Boo.

Anyway, last November I put this mix together for a spoof radio show I was meant to be doing with a local stand up comedian. Two half hour segments - Hip-House and Rap Ballads. For one reason or another nothing came of it, so I thought I may as well put it up on here. If Shortcut can get away with a New Jack Swing mix, then f*ck it.

Mr Krum "Hip-Hop and Rappin' In The House"

E.P.M.D. 'It's Time 2 Party' (1989 Fresh Records L.P. track)
Side F-X 'Rock The House' (1990 Nastymix L.P. track)
Dismasters 'Scrum - And Then Some' (1989 Urban Rock 12")
Ultramagnetic MC's 'Travelling At The Speed Of Thought (Hip-House Club Mix)' (1989 Next Plateau 12")
Jaz 'Let's Play House' (1989 EMI L.P. track)
MC Lyte & King Of Chill 'Lyte As A Rock (House Mix)' (1988 First Priority Music 12")
L.L. Cool J 'Mama Said Knock You Out (Hot Mix)' (1991 Def Jam 12")
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock 'Get On The Dance Floor' (1988 Profile 12")
Jungle Brothers 'I'll House You' (1988 Idlers 12")
Craig G 'Turn This House Into A Home' (1989 Atlantic 12")
Slick Rick 'Slick Rick - The Ruler' (1991 Def Jam L.P. track)
Chill Rob G 'Make It' (1989 Wild Pitch L.P. track)
Tuff Crew 'What You Don't House' (1989 Soo Deff Recordings 12")

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A Pyrex Scholar said...

What up krumizzle... craig g is a LEGEND! "come catch a lyrical beatdown"