Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Earth Rot

Environmental awareness is nothing new. The media has 'exposed' huge problems with climate change, dwindling natural resources, pollution, etc, over the last decade or so, but we have actually been receiving Warnings for well over 30 years now. On April 22nd 1970 'Earth Day' was launched. This album, 'Listen In Good Health - Songs of Celebration and Decay' was 'dedicated to the spirit of that day - in celebration of the planet and concern for its decay'. Sent out to College radio stations and only ever available as a promotion record, it includes eleven songs chosen to highlight the cause. One of the artists on this album is David Axelrod. Now, everybody knows about David Axelrod. His music's been sampled to death within the Hip Hop community and over the last few years has been receiving well justified acclaim in it's own right. Unfortunately I don't have any of Axelrod's solo albums in my collection - they never seem to turn up in the Charity Shops or Carboot Sales round my way, but this particular record did. In a British Heart Foundation to be precise. And I'm more than happy to own just this one piece of his music.

'Warnings', is originally from the L.P. - 'Earth Rot', which was also released in University bookshops to coincide with Earth Day but flunked due to a two week student protest. 'Listen In Good Health' features tracks by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Buddy Miles, The Sons, Fred Neil, The Steve Miller Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Roy Harper, John Stewart and The Band. And a sick sleeve too.

David Axelrod 'Warnings' (1970 Capitol Records L.P. track)

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