Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Fight Of The Century...

...and I'm definitely not talking about last night's pathetic three round farce between David Haye and Audley Harrison.

Nope, the bill in this case lives up to it's name in every way possible! 'The Fight Of The Century' finds Muhammed Ali and 'His Gang' coming face to face with 'Mr. Tooth Decay' on this long playing record which I plucked from the bargain bin on Friday's brief digging excursion (see last post). Now after spending a good part of the last hour scanning in the cover and recording snippets from the vinyl, a quick google search revealed this record has already been 'blogged' about elsewhere. You can grab a download of the full album here if you're one of those leachy types, or read the sort of post I probably would have written if I hadn't been beaten to it by 'Franks Vinyl Museum'.

I've decided to upload the artwork anyway as neither site have particularly good scans or include the inner sleeve, which I wouldn't normally bother with but felt compelled to include for a number of reasons ...

1. An illustration of, what I'm hoping was an actual product - the Ali boxing glove toothbrush.

2. Copy relating to a follow up vinyl release - 'Ali and His Gang Vs. "Fat Cat the Dope King" and His Sidekick Peter Pusher'. (I *NEED* this record).

3. What appears to be a photo of Ol' Blue Eyes auditioning a bunch of multi-racial kiddies for recruitment into the next generation of Black Panther activists (I'm presuming the boy to Frank's right, the girl next to him, and the kid at the bottom all received 'fails').

Back cover (click to enlarge)

Front cover (click to enlarge)

Inner sleeve (click to enlarge)

Reverse of inner (click to enlarge)

Here's a rip of my favourite section from the vinyl which includes some great Blaxploitation style drama Funk and a script that sounds like it was written by the same people responsible for the amazing 'Black Dynamite' film.

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UK Hip Hop History said...

Ahh man, I want this record!!! I found a random 7" recently called Sing along with JFK - basically samples of his speeches followed by the sampled sections being sang by some cheesie ensemble - made me start collecting records with US history theme for a future mixtape - I will be looking out for this little number from now on!