Sunday, 14 November 2010


P*ssing with rain, all Bootsales cancelled. Perfect day for a little blogging catch up. Gonna kick things off with a couple of records pulled from my local shop's 10p 45's box on Friday - two 'Listen With Rustler' 7" flexis.

I was aware of these novelty spoken word discs (that were given away with some of the top shelf lads mags of the late '70s and early '80s) but never come across any before (yes I know, very cheap, but pun intended). Unfortunately 'Plain Jane Feeling Juicy! UNCENSORED!" must have been a favourite with the previous owner and is now unplayable due to a couple of heavy creases across the fragile grooves. "Randy Rosamund's SENSUAL SECRETS" is still in good working order though and had me giggling like a little school kid throughout the 5 minutes or so of decidedly un-erotic audio.

Rosamund is a Yorkshire lass who likes nothing better than a good seeing to and talking in detail about her lovely Northern coont. She sounds about as sexy as Les Dawson and I very much doubt looked anything like the girl in accompanying magazine photos. But still, I guess it was a nice little extra for the average dirty mag enthusiast of the early eighties. Remember, back then a lot more effort was required to obtain material of this nature - I should imagine anything which was a step closer to the 'realness' was a very welcome bonus!

I ummed and erred about posting the accompanying audio for obvious reasons. At the end of the day though, the content is hugely incomparable to what you could potentially listen to (and watch) on the internet at just a couple of mouse clicks away. As I said before, this is pure comedy. I hate the term, or abbreviation, LOL but I defy anyone not to within the first minute of 'Randy Rosamund's SENSUAL SECRETS!'. Hit the play button below - if you find yourself doing anything but laughing then you should probably; a) find a sense of humour, or b) head straight to google for some real action!


Bennyboy said...

Divshare's shuffle option is going to come in handy on this one.

MR KRUM said...

Haha! That was quick Ben!

Waxer said...

This is just fantastic Krum & I tell ya what, this girls "veil of plenty" will have to be sampled in it's joyous crackling fullness, love it mate, what a find, thanks homey!