Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ferguson Electronics catalogue (Circa 1970)

I've found some wonderful bits and bobs over the last couple of years whilst up in peoples lofts, either laying pipes or draining water tanks. At the beginning of the Summer I had the pleasant task of insulating twenty or so Student dwellings. Trust me when I say, this is not the nicest job in the world! Hot, itchy, awkward...I could moan about it for days - which I did at the time - it's not the sort of work you do for any type of self satisfaction. I was however presented with a reward, of sorts, in one of the last houses which played home to a treasure trove of junk, bundled amongst the rafters. Boxes and suitcases full of unwanted clutter left behind by the previous owner. I probably spent a good couple of hours sifting through it all, hoping to find something worth salvaging, and I did in fact come way with a nice little pile of goodies that, in my mind, made it all worth while.

Out of a small box of records I rescued a classic Ska 45 - "Skinhead Moon Stomp" by Symarip, on the original Treasure Isle label, but It was actually the other bits and pieces of worthless trash that I was more excited about. One of the suitcases contained a stash consisting entirely of Carrier Bags, immaculately folded and stored away since the 1960's and 70's. I took a good selection of these, around fifty or so and most from local shops, the Graphic Design on some of them being nothing less than beautiful. Same goes for the suitcase full of Christmas wrapping paper with some fantastic examples of period design I just had to take home with me. Other bits included various tins from the '50s and '60s and random brochures and pamphlets (some pretty scary Catholic literature which features shocking quotes and images that I find both amusing and disturbing at the same time). What I want to share on here though, is this lovely little catalogue for electrical products manufactured by Ferguson in the early 1970s.

The brochure does include Televisions and other goods but I've narrowed down the point of interest to highlight some of their amazing Audio products, including a couple of really nice Portables. Click images to enlarge. Enjoy!

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