Sunday, 17 October 2010

Favourite Breaks

The title of this post isn't meant in it's literal form. I'm not about to start dissecting The Honey Drippers' "Impeach The President" or the Godfather's "Funky Drummer" fact the title of the track I am going to talk about is slightly misleading itself. I've not really got an interesting story to accompany it either, and it's far from rare or particularly desirable, just a dope record I haven't played in a good while and thought was worthy of sharing with those who might not know it.

I bought JC001 & DJ D*Zire's "Eternity" 12" when it was first released in 1991, purely for the B-Side cut "Favourite Breaks". When listening to it again (just now) I was instantly transported back into the time of my early college days. Certain records do that to me, and for some reason, others don't. I'm talking about a 'feeling' that's quite indescribable, like I can actually smell and taste that time even. Sounds weird, and I probably haven't explained it that well, but I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.

In '91 I was heavily into U.K. Hip-Hop but hanging around with mostly 'ravers'. I was studying Graphic Design at Northbrook College in Worthing which was literally a 5 minute walk away from the infamous 'Sterns' nightclub. Most of my mates would spend their weekends up there getting E'd out of their faces and dancing all night to a genre of music I really couldn't give a toss about. A couple of them liked the odd Hip-Hop track but most, like me at the time, weren't that bothered about 'other' styles of music. 'Favourite Breaks' crossed over into that crowd and was one of the few 'Rap' tracks that all of them liked. Maybe it's the breakneck pace of the tune (126bpm) or the eery synths running through it, I dunno. Whatever it was, it definitely hit a chord with the 'rave' crowd. I must admit, it's quite a strange track that doesn't sit too comfortably amongst the traditional 'Britcore' style of U.K. Rap at the time. Come to think of it, any time really - it's an odd, genre-defying record that has little by means of comparison. The nearest similarity I can think of in 'sound' is early Massive Attack. If you don't know it have a listen below and let me know what you think. I'd also be interested to hear the opinions of people who are already familiar with this track as it rarely seems to get talked about.

I have a few other JC001 / DJ D*Zire 12"s - "Bad Place To Get Hit", "Alone" and "No MC, No Comment", all of which I would highly recommend and are real cheap pick-ups too - check your local bargain bins or failing that, Discogs always seems to be well stocked! The track I've posted here is from the "Eternity" 12" but there is also a white label, promo release of "Favourite Breaks" which includes Instrumental and Bonus Beats. Something I'd like but not for the prices listed on Discogs...just have to wait for a cheap copy to turn up somewhere else.

JC001 & DJ D*Zire - "Favourite Breaks"

(1991, Anxious Records, U.K. 12")

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Adee said...

Never realised this was on the flipside of the Eternity 12". You should definitely check the white label or the german PC issue. it has the even better version on there IMO.