Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Cyrkle (Summer Sundays Part 2)

Seems I jinxed the weather after last Sunday's post - been p*ssing it down all week here! After a slightly overcast start this morning the clouds broke and it's been a fairly decent day in all. Picked up some decent Hip-Hop and late '70s Soul at the early Boot Sale, nothing at the afternoon one.

Anyway, since the sun has had his hat on today, I'm gonna post track two for the "Summer Selections" compilation. This is from the album "Neon" which I picked up a month or so ago at my local Record Shop. Paid £5 for an ORIGINAL SEALED copy (of which he had multiples). I did previously own this LP but it got ditched along with 1000 or so other records shortly after I split up from my children's Mum (can't remember if I've mentioned that tragic tale on here before. Heartbreaking at the time, I'm over it now though).

"The Visit (She Was Here)" is another beautiful song, with that kinda, Psychy, drifty, U.S. 'Sunshine Pop' sound. Everyone's favourite dead producer, Jay Dee, sampled it for Tribe's "Get A Hold" although it's not an instantly recognisable break, so listen closely. I had it recorded on tape from years ago and, for some reason, always associate it with Summer. It's one of those songs I never tier of no matter how many times I hear it.

So this is track two for those of you that can be bothered to download. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

The Cyrkle "The Visit (She Was Here)"
(from "Neon". 1967 Columbia, U.S. LP)

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Beat Detective said...

Love that track keep the Summer sundays comin' i'm goin' for the full cd...