Sunday, 21 March 2010

Leo's Sunshipp (Summer Sundays Part 1)

Digger supreme, Kid Dyno, has just dropped a nice selection of B-Boy jams to help get things warmed up for the forthcoming Summer months - go check it out here - I'm 20 minutes in so far and it's been fire all the way!

It's funny how a little bit of sunshine can perk you up and inspire certain listening habits. I always find myself pulling out records that spark an uplifting summery feeling around this time of year and I've spent the afternoon recording some of my favourites. In the good spirit of Summer I thought I'd spread love and share them with you here, all in high quality 320Kbps format. From now until the official beginning of the season, which is July the 21st, I will upload a track on every Sunday that we have good weather. The idea is, that by the time the longest day of the year comes around you will have downloaded enough songs to burn off a nice CD to listen to throughout, what will hopefully be, a decent couple of months sunshine.

The first track I've selected was a recent-ish Boot Sale pick up and a bit of 'no-brainer' really, an absolutely beautiful cut by U.S. Soul-Funk group 'Leo's Sunshipp'. Years ago I remember Nic Bossa harping on about the album this song originally appeared on but I've yet to come across a copy in the wild. As much as I'd love an original pressing of the album I simply don't pay good money for anything other than Hip-Hop so I'm pretty resided to the fact I will probably never own it. I do however have the original U.K. single of "Give Me The Sunshine" which includes "I'm Back For More" on the flip, arguably the best two tracks on the album anyway, and on deep cut 12" grooves - nice and LOUD. If I had to pick a track that I thought best represented the widely thrown around term 'Rare Groove', then this would be it. Beautiful really is the best way to describe this song and it makes for perfect late night listening on those sweaty Summer evenings. Get your download on and enjoy, this is the obvious choice for Track One on your 'Summer Selections' CD, Track Two coming next week, weather permitting!

Leo's Sunshipp "Give Me The Sunshine" (1980 Grapevine U.K. 12")

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