Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oxygen - Gone Diggin' 45

It's been a long time coming...

Finally(!), Oxygen's super dope "Gone Diggin" track is about to be unleashed to the RECORD buying public via a limited edition picture sleeve 45. Released by the ever reliable Bronx Hip-Hop label B.B.P. in conjunction with Big City Records Inc, pre-orders are now being taken via Oxygen himself (details at bottom of post), after which remaining copies will be available at Big City and selected stockists worldwide.

For those of you that have been sleeping and not yet caught the buzz for this release, check the snippets below. Side-A is a Gensu Dean produced (with Daily Diggers' Kid Dyno and DJ Ragz of the Jazz Addixx on the cut) ode to digging in the crates and is backed by a very apt, previously unreleased 1988 cut - "Mastermind's In Effect" from Oxygen's first demo tape (under the name Hype Sound Productions, alongside Cut Wizard Albee).

Oxygen's years in the game go waaaaay back. A Strong Island native who's released, or been featured on, a number of sought after records, most notably the 1991 LaRhon 12" "Groove To Get Down" which was included on DJ K-Prince & DJ Muro's "WKOD 11154 FM - The Golden Era Of Hip Hop" mix. Check out Jesse Serwer's dope interview with Ox for an in depth history lesson on the man who now records alongside Howard Lloyd, E The 5th, Xis10s and DJ Shark in the group 'Sputnik Brown' (if you didn't cop the bangin' "U Havin Fun Yet" 12" or Howard Lloyd's "Quickie EP" then be sure to ask Ox if he has any left when placing your order for the "Gone Diggin" 45!).

Oxygen "Gone Diggin" snippet (2010 B.B.P. / Big City Records)

Hype Sound Productions "Mastermind's In Effect" snippet
(2010 B.B.P. / Big City Records)

The "Gone Diggin" vinyl is priced at $7.99 with discounts available on shipping for multiple copies. Hit up Oxygen on 24karatblack 'at' to pre-order through Paypal TODAY.



Mac said...

Wow dope 7", the artwork is fly, ultra fresh, the man got skills, do you have any idea who did it Krum?

MR KRUM said...

Yeah...the artwork is kinda fly, never really thought about it! LOL

The designer is listed on the the image to read the credits.

What you think about that Russian record?


Mac said...

Nah never heard of him.

In all seriousness, dope job sir you need to blow your own trumpet a bit more mate, we need to get on the self promotion tip a bit more, it'll happen.

Gonna post this on the SP1200 forum as there is a thread about Gensu Dean at the moment.

PM'd you about the Russian breaks.