Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bobby Granite - Something For The People

In my last post I told you about a forthcoming project which I've been lucky enough to be involved with...today I'm gonna treat you to an exclusive release from a few years back which I also had a little hand in. I say exclusive, you might be one of the very few to have received a copy out of only sixty which were pressed, if not then I'm pretty sure you won't have heard any of these tracks before. I'm talking about a real nice promo C.D. by my main man Bobby Granite, entitled "Something For The People".

I first met Bobby around 2001 when, along with fellow digger Jubru, he came into the record shop which I was running at the time. I can't remember any specific titles or names we ended up talking about but I can remember being pretty taken back by the vast knowledge of records he had - a rarity, even then, for someone of his age. I often meet younger kids that say they are into Hip-Hop but don't seem to understand or even show any interest in learning about and upholding the basic foundations and ideology of the culture. By which I mean, the culture of the true Hip-Hop DJ and producer...digging in the crates and all that. DRUM BREAKS. ORIGINAL VINYL PRESSINGS. If you're reading this there's more than a good chance you know what I'm talking about. Some get it, some don't. Bobby does.

Anyway, I've become pretty good friends with him over the years and we've been on a good few digging missions together. He's put me up on records I didn't know about and likewise, I've done the same for him. His record collection is deep and his beats are dope so I thought I'd share these tracks and hopefully give him a little more exposure which he definitely deserves. If you're into producers like Lewis Parker, Mark B, L-Dolo, DJ Nappa, Jehst, etc...then I'm sure you'll like this too.

Here's Bobby's synopsis (love that word - shouts to E-Rule!) from the time of release...

"Some time in the next week i will be sending out copies of an E.P./mini album named 'Something For The People'.

It was started two months ago and represents the practical work of the final project for my music technology degree.

I have made all the beats on my MPC and the vocals have kindly been provided by Salvo (a combination of reworked old material and newly recorded product).

The CD is going to artists and labels with the hope of receiving some feedback to include in my project write up, and also to friends and acquaintances who may have an opinion on such a thing, for the same purpose.

If you receive a copy I hope you enjoy it.

Peace! B.G."

I've ripped eight tracks, out of the fifteen on the album, which you can download below - a nice selection of vocal and instrumental cuts and, since this is my blog, you get the track that I feature on first (there you go Mac!). I just spoke to Bobby and he's still got a few copies of the C.D. so if you'd like the full package, complete with dope artwork (I did it again Mac!!!) then drop me a line or hit Bobby up on - bobbygranite 'at' hotmail.co.uk

Enjoy, and be sure to show Bobby some love in the comments section below.

"Son Of Gonzo" (feat. Salvo & Mr Krum)

"SmAkai" (Bobby Granite Remix feat. Salvo & Frank Costa)

"Well Well Well" (Instrumental)

"1000 Possibilities" (Bobby Granite Remix feat. Salvo)

"Hey Bobby" (Skit)

"It Girl" (Instrumental)

"Dead Moths" (Bobby Granite Remix feat. Salvo & Conspicuous)

"S.F.S" (Instrumental)


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These tracks are great. Bobby you have talent!

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Ay yo Bobby. Let's hear some more!