Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Protection for your records (Part 2)

Christmas shopping is complete and all presents are now wrapped so I thought I'd spend the spare time writing posts I've been meaning to for a while now.

Firstly a quick update on this earlier 'Anti Static Turntable Mat' article.

Now, I don't consciously spend time looking for these, they are merely a by-product of digging for vinyl but whenever they do pop up I have to buy 'em. In fact having said that, two of them were actually given to me when I found them tucked away in boxes of records at bootsales. Once the sellers realised what they were they were happy to give them away free of charge!

These two turned up sometime over the last year and I've finally got round to scanning them. First up is Warwick's (a U.K. budget Record label) version and below is an unbranded mat produced by a company based in Crawley called 'Trace House Ltd'. Maybe not as striking as the two in my original post but still nice vintage record paraphernalia all the same. There's no date on the Warwick mat but the unbranded one is dated 1976.

Check back tomorrow for some interesting 'private press' childrens school music...

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