Monday, 7 July 2008

Protectection for your records

I don't only collect vinyl. I collect all sorts of sh*t that relates to it as well. Like this Scotch 'Dustguard' turntable mat. I bought this for the artwork. The actual mat is about a quarter of an inch thick and completely useless, but take a look at that sleeve. Beautiful.

So what is the Scotch 'Dustguard' and how does it work? Well, it is scientifically designed for record protection, developed at 3M Technical Laboratories. The product is a result of years of experience by 3M in producing static control products for Industry. It is a unique formulation of conductive polyethylene, and by contacting the surface of a normally charged record the mat reduces the external electrostatic field, resulting in negligible dust attraction. Simple as that. What's more, it also includes an extra feature. A built in STROBOSCOPE which makes sure your turntable is running at the correct speed. Amazing!

Produced in 1977 and at a cost of £1.99. Bargain.

Dustguard 'Turntable Mat' (1977 Scotch U.K. 12")

UPDATE!!! Just picked up W.H.Smith's version of the Dustguard, complete with rip-off graphics (it also includes the amazing 'Stroboscope')! Interestingly, Smith's version was priced up at £2.50 which is 51 pence more expensive than the original Scotch product.

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