Sunday, 1 November 2009



1. Czerwono-Czarni "Kyrie"
(from "Msza Beatowa". 197?, Muza, Polish LP)

2. Power Of Zeus "The Sorcerer of Isis"
(from "The Gospel According To Zeus". 1970, Rare Earth, U.S. LP)

3. Muddy Waters "Tom Cat"
(from "Electric Mud". 1968, Cadet Concept, U.S. LP)

4. The Animated Egg "Sock It My Way"
(from "The Animated Egg". 1969, Marble Arch, U.K. LP)

5. Rare Earth "(I Know) I'm Losing You"
(from "Ecology". 1970 U.S. LP)

6. Black Sheep "Try Counting Sheep"
(1991, Mercury, U.K. 12")

7. Diamond D "Sally Got A One Track Mind (Showbiz Remix)"
(1993, Chemistry, U.S. 12")

8. Jack Bruce "Born To Be Blue"
(from "Things We Like". 1970 Polydor, U.K. LP)

9. Smif-N-Wessun "Bucktown"
(1994, Wreck Records, U.S. 12")

10. Organized Konfusion "Stress"
(1994, Hollywood Basic, U.S. 12")

11. The Butterfield Blues Band "Last Hope's Gone"
(from "In My Own Dream". 1968, Elektra, U.K. LP)

12. Gary Burton "Las Vegas Tango"
(from "Good Vibes". 1970, Atlantic, U.K. LP)

13. Bloodstone "This Thing Is Heavy"
(from "Bloodstone". 1972, Decca, U.K. LP)

14. Lou Rawls "Too Much Living To Do"
(from "A Man Of Value". 1972, MGM U.S. LP)

15. Robin Kenyatta "Gypsy Man"
(from "Gypsy Man". 1973, Atlantic, U.S. LP)

16. Sound Experience "Boogie Woogie"
(from "Boogie Woogie". 1975, Buddah, U.S. LP)


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Mac said...

Good stuff as always D.

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