Sunday, 19 October 2008

Nic Bossa - Reporting Live From Barcelona...

Here's my very first guest post courtesy of long term friend and digging buddy Nic Bossa. I've known Nic since I was 5 years old, and along with his brother Senor Simon, have spent many, many hours trawling Charity Shops, Car Bootsales, Dumps, and occasionally proper Record Shops, searching for 'the perfect beat'. There's not many people I know who share the same obsessive passion in the pursuit of vinyl as these two and since both of them are now relocated in Barcelona I thought it would be good to expose some nice Spanish wax obscurities. Here's Nic's first post of which I hope there will be many...

"Whilst sifting through the 1 Euro pile at a San Antonio record stall in Barcelona a few years ago I stumbled upon an album called - "La Musica De..." by a group called 'Enterprise'. At first glance it looked like any other mid 70's home grown compilation of rip offs, but upon closer inspection I noticed it included a cover of Harby Hankok's "Chameleon" as well as versions of Tower Of Power, Chick Corea, Barry White and Wes Montgomery songs. So far I've found 3 albums by Enterprise, all on the Spanish Belter label. They recorded a mixture of covers with a light sprinkling of originals, mostly all instrumentals, but occasionally with vocals or backing vocals. The sound of the group is difficult to define, as they do quite a convincing job of the covers they take on - they really sound like Herbie Hancock's Headhunters' on "Chameleon" and the guitarist has got that Wes Montgomery thing down on "Road song". On the original songs they sound more like a CTI or KPM session group. The typical line up of musicians is: G. Martinez (Drums), J. Cubedo (Bass), Quique, E. Diaz & J.M. Duran (Guitars), J. Llobell (Keyboards & Producer), Coco & R. Roda (Percussion), and Alvaro Is (Writer). Although I wouldn't describe Enterprise as bizarre, they are definitely good, and I've been unable to find additional information about them anywhere" - Nic Bossa.

So, with that in mind, enjoy the three tracks Nic has sent, because unless you're living in Spain and have plenty of time on your hands I don't think you'll have much luck turning up any copies yourself!

Thanks for the post Nic, look forward to the next one...

Enterprise 'Chameleon' (1975 Belter Discos LP track)

Enterprise 'Horizons' (1976 Belter Discos L.P. Track)

Enterprise 'If I Ever Lose This Heaven'
(1977 Belter Discos L.P. Track)

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