Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hijack - Style Warriors Revenge (Rap-mag throwback Part 1)

Whilst taking a dump today I was flicking through an old edition of Hip Hop Connection and came across this advert and review for Hijack's classic 'Style Warriors Revenge' 12", and thought it would be cool to post it up for those who missed it first time round. I've still got tons of my old Rap mags dating back to the late '80s so I'm gonna start a regular post featuring adverts, reviews and full length articles. It's quite interesting reading some of the reviews on records that are today considered classic or desirable. For instance - I came across a review of Majestic Productions 'Cold Sweat' 12" which simply reads "An average record from an average rap group with an average breakbeat and an average rhyme that says nothing". And that's it - no constructive criticism, and probably a contributing factor to poor sales at the time. I wouldn't say this particular 12" is highly in demand, but it does fetch decent money when it shows up. Either the reviewers opinion at the time was misjudged or people today are shelling out good money for very average records of yesteryear- probably a bit of both I think.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I love this advert - bold and straight to the point - no bullsh*t. The review (in the same issue - H.H.C. August 1990) sums up the single pretty well - ''Style Warriors Revenge' isn't the groups best output, but lets face it, sits head and shoulders above 99% of the sh*t that comes out today. I won't babble on about Hijack cause there's enough written about them on the internet already - what I will say though, is Kamanchi Sly, DJ Supreme, DJ Undercover, Ulysses, Agent Fritz and Agent Clueso were, without a doubt the best British Hip-Hop group to ever do it. I've got every record they put out (apart from the 'Jamaica Crimewave 12"*) and was lucky enough to see them live in their prime at Portsmouth Uni on the 1991 Rhyme Syndicate tour. They completely stole the show, outshining Lord Finesse, Ice-T, Donald-D, Everlast and even DJ Aladdin who was f*cking amazing.

Enjoy the advert, review (click to enlarge) and the music below. As a bonus I've uploaded my favorite track from the 'Original Horns Of Jericho' LP - 'The Shoguns Assassin'. I had a very poor dub of the album demo, around '88 /'89 I think, and remember being disappointed when it finally came out with this track missing. Thankfully they released the complete album in it's original form a few years later with a bonus track and instrumentals.

Hijack 'Style Warriors Revenge' (1990 Music Of Life 12")

Hijack 'The Shoguns Assassin' (1996 Reservoir Records L.P. track)

*If any one's got a copy to trade or sell please let me know.

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gibo said...

Just to let you know., a website dedicated to Hijack, has now been relaunched. Also Mr krum, I have a live MP3 of Hijack at Portsmouth, the very gig you were at on the site.