Friday, 11 July 2008

A World of Glass

Another record I picked up on yesterday's outing with DJ Extract is this extreme curio - 'Glass World Of Anna Lockwood'. Released in 1970 on Tangent Records (U.K.), an independent label which specialised in avante-garde recordings. The album consists entirely of sounds made with glass - 'many types, shapes, and sizes are used, singly or combined, and are manipulated in a variety of ways so as to extract from them their latent sounds. The glass used has not been specially prepared or shaped as with musical instruments; pieces of glass have been used which are not normally seen - fragments picked up from factory floors, such as small glass discs which are rubbed together, and sea-green glass rocks which are knocked against each other'. Some of the sounds achieved on this recording really are amazing considering, and for sampling potential it's endless - DJ Premier would love this for those little end of bar 'fills' he adds. I've recorded a 6 minute segment below, but there is literally hundreds of different sounds throughout, which, incidentally, I found quite therapeutic when listening to as a complete piece. I'll leave you with the interesting words of the artist lifted from the liner notes...

"I have treated each sound as if it were a piece of music in itself. For me, every sound has it's own minute form - is composed of small flashing rhythms, shifting tones, has momentum, comes, vanishes, lives out its own structure, and since we are used to hearing sounds together, either juxtaposed or compared, one sound alone seems simple - but so are the round scruffed stones lying about everywhere, until you crack one apart and all it's intricate beauty takes you by surprise".

Anna Lockwood 'Glass World' (1970 Tangent Records L.P. tracks)

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