Sunday, 13 February 2011


Usual melting pot of Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, etc... fix a nice brew, click the play button, then head over to King Canute's Record Club for some perfect Sunday afternoon reading material to accompany the music.


1. Al Jazzbo Collins And The Bandidos "Sonny Cool" (Intro)
(from "A Lovely Bunch Of...". 1967, Impulse Records, U.S. LP)
2. Eddie Hazel "Frantic Situation"
(from "Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs". 1977, Warner Bros, U.S. LP)
3. Gang Starr "Take Two And Pass"
(from "Daily Operation". 1992, Chrysalis Records, U.S. LP)
4. The Pharcyde "Passin' Me By"
(1993, Delicious Vinyl, U.S. 12")
5. Weather Report "125th Street Congress"
(from "Sweetnighter". 1973 CBS Records, U.K. LP)
6. London Posse "How's Life In London"
(1993, Bullet records, U.K. 12")
7. DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock "Mr DJ"
(2011, Project Blue Book, U.K. 12")
8. DJ Format "Mr DJ (B-Boy Version)"
(2011, Project Blue Book, U.K. 12")
9. The Magnetic Sounds "Super Erotica"
(from "The Magnetic Sounds". 1972, News Records, Brasilian LP)
10. DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock "Dope Pusher"
(2011, Project Blue Book, U.K. 12")
11. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "Good Life"
(from "All Souled Out". 1991, Elektra records, U.S. EP)
12. Eddie Kendricks "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind"
(from "People...Hold on". 1972, Tamla, U.S. LP)
13. O'Donel Levy "I Wanna Be Where You Are"
(from "Dawn Of A New Day". 1973, People Records, U.K. LP)
14. The Credibility Gap "An Evening With Sly Stone" (Skit)
(from "A Great Gift Idea". 1973, Reprise Records, U.S. LP)
15. Sly And The Family Stone "Love City"
(from "M'Lady". 1968, Direction, U.K. LP)
16. Big Daddy Kane "Wrath Of Kane"
(1988, Cold Chillin', U.S. 12")
17. Unknown Artist "Without No Doubt...These Are The..."
(1987, U.K. 12")
18. Ultramagnetic MC's "Ego Trippin (MC's Ultra Remix)"
(from "Critical Beatdown". 1988, Next Plateau, U.S. LP)
19. Gang Starr "Code Of The Streets"
(1994, Chrysalis Records, U.S. 12")
20. Masta Ace Incorperated "Mad Wunz"
(from "SlaughtaHouse". 1993, Delicious Vinyl, U.S. LP)
21. Gabor Szabo And The California Dreamers "San Franciscan Nights"
(from "Wind, Sky And Diamonds". 1967, Impulse Records, U.S. LP)
22. People under The Stairs "San Fransisco Knights"
(from The Next Step". 1998, PUTS records, U.S. LP)
23. Rodriguez "Sugar Man"
(from "Cold Fact". 1974, Sussex Records, U.K. LP)
24. Roland Shaw And His Orchestra "Diamonds Are Forever (Reprise)*"
(from "The Phase 4 World Of Spy Thrillers". 1972, Decca Records, U.K. LP)

*Dedicated to John Barry (1933-2011. R.I.P)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mr Krum & His Wonderful World Of Design...

New blog for my artwork - here.

I'll be back on this one soon...stay tuned.

If you need your fix of Hip-Hop related goodness, goes without saying - head over to the Daily Diggers site.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Have A Happy Christmas...

...lots of love, Billy Jackson, The Citizen's Band and Mr.Krum.


Billy Jackson & The Citizen's Band "Have A Happy Christmas".
(1983, Streetwise, U.K. 12")

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Christmas Get Down...

It's coming up to that time of the year again when we all celebrate and remember the life of one of the greatest human beings to ever walk the face of planet earth. That's right party people, December 25th is the date that marks the passing of a true great - the Godfather of Soul, Mr James Brown.

It goes without saying he was one of the most influential musicians of our ti
me and has left us with an immense catalogue of both solo material and production work for countless other artists' records. I own a LOT of J.B. related vinyl yet there is a whole heap more that I still need! The man was prolific as hell and definitely lived up to the title 'Hardest Working Man In Show Business'.

On Saturday the 18th of December, alongside the rest of the Vinyl Veterans and Positivity crews, I will be playing a set of James Brown influenced Hip-Hop down at The Black Lion in Brighton. Golden Era material that lifted more than a fair chunk of funk from the Minister of the Super, Super Heavy stuff. What better way to warm you up and ignite some Christmas spirit?

Kicking off at 9pm and running through til 3am (FREE ENTRY), DJ's Mac McRaw, Rob Life, Matt The Hat, Bobby Boucher, Foly, Southpaw, Tipster, OMC, Extract, Scratchy M
uffin and myself will be playing nothing but J.B. related material all night long. That's basically a 100% guarantee for having a good time!

I'm gonna try and get a J.B. mix uploaded on here sometime before Christmas, for now though, to wet your appetites, here's a few cut-n-paste classics I've recorded and converted this morning. All of these records are easily obtainable online and since it's the 'season for giving' I've included links to available copies for sale on Discogs (click the track titles below)
. Enjoy!

R.I.P. James Brown (May 5, 1933 – December 25, 2006). Thanks for the music!

Salaam Remi "J.B.'s 40th Anniversary Mix"
(1997, U.S. Promo 12")

DJ Format "Stealin' James (Parts I & II)"
(2007, Limited Edition, U.K. 12")

Norman Cook & Steetsahead "Payback - Final Mixdown"
(1988, Urban, U.K. 12")

Coldcut "The Payback Mix"
(1988, Urban, U.K. 12")

Froggy & Simon Harris "Froggy Mix (Sides 1 & 2)"
(1985, Boiling Point, U.K. 12")

Sunday, 21 November 2010

DJ Format featuring Sureshot La Rock...

Essential new Hip-Hop!

Five track 12", coming early 2011.

Listen to snippets here.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Son Of Noise

Last post of the day is just a quickie to remind everyone (and myself) that I do actually collect 'proper' records as well as the stupid odd-ball curiosities.

When I was last over Rarekind they had a copy of this up on the wall and Old Man Mac McRaw commented he'd never seen it before, so for him, and anyone else who might have previously overlooked it, I thought I'd post it up here...

I bought this 12" back in 1993 on release, at a time when the Golden Era of hardcore U.K. Rap was pretty much fading out. It's kinda split in styles with the A-Side, which I've never been that keen on, leaning towards an American influenced production sound, whereas both cuts on the B-Side fit more comfortably into the typical Britcore mould which, for me anyway, is the reason for owning the record. I've uploaded three tracks from the twelve and there's also a Radio Edit of 'Crazy Mad Flow' but I haven't bothered including it here.

The main version is produced by Kobalt 60 of 'Kaos From Order' fame and also features a nice verse from Atom. There's a video for this track which is a worthwhile watch but it's the Son Of Noise 'Urban Alien Mix' that really delivers the goods along with the other flip side cut, 'Retrocide 93'. Both are heavy on the Incredible Bongo Band sampling tip, and definitely won't disappoint fans of their earlier material. Mada and Renegade execute those trademark killer scratches on 'Retrocide', which is the faster of the two tracks, and Curoc rides the beats well with his typical hardcore battle rhymes. Classic Son Of Noise.

Well, I said it was gonna be a quickie, so that's it. Check out the tracks below and if you like what you hear drop Ewan at Rarekind a line to see if he's still got a copy for sale. Failing that Discogs is well stocked.

"Crazy Mad Flow" (Urban Alien Mix)

"Retrocide 93"

"Crazy Mad Flow" (Unedit)

The Fight Of The Century...

...and I'm definitely not talking about last night's pathetic three round farce between David Haye and Audley Harrison.

Nope, the bill in this case lives up to it's name in every way possible! 'The Fight Of The Century' finds Muhammed Ali and 'His Gang' coming face to face with 'Mr. Tooth Decay' on this long playing record which I plucked from the bargain bin on Friday's brief digging excursion (see last post). Now after spending a good part of the last hour scanning in the cover and recording snippets from the vinyl, a quick google search revealed this record has already been 'blogged' about elsewhere. You can grab a download of the full album here if you're one of those leachy types, or read the sort of post I probably would have written if I hadn't been beaten to it by 'Franks Vinyl Museum'.

I've decided to upload the artwork anyway as neither site have particularly good scans or include the inner sleeve, which I wouldn't normally bother with but felt compelled to include for a number of reasons ...

1. An illustration of, what I'm hoping was an actual product - the Ali boxing glove toothbrush.

2. Copy relating to a follow up vinyl release - 'Ali and His Gang Vs. "Fat Cat the Dope King" and His Sidekick Peter Pusher'. (I *NEED* this record).

3. What appears to be a photo of Ol' Blue Eyes auditioning a bunch of multi-racial kiddies for recruitment into the next generation of Black Panther activists (I'm presuming the boy to Frank's right, the girl next to him, and the kid at the bottom all received 'fails').

Back cover (click to enlarge)

Front cover (click to enlarge)

Inner sleeve (click to enlarge)

Reverse of inner (click to enlarge)

Here's a rip of my favourite section from the vinyl which includes some great Blaxploitation style drama Funk and a script that sounds like it was written by the same people responsible for the amazing 'Black Dynamite' film.


P*ssing with rain, all Bootsales cancelled. Perfect day for a little blogging catch up. Gonna kick things off with a couple of records pulled from my local shop's 10p 45's box on Friday - two 'Listen With Rustler' 7" flexis.

I was aware of these novelty spoken word discs (that were given away with some of the top shelf lads mags of the late '70s and early '80s) but never come across any before (yes I know, very cheap, but pun intended). Unfortunately 'Plain Jane Feeling Juicy! UNCENSORED!" must have been a favourite with the previous owner and is now unplayable due to a couple of heavy creases across the fragile grooves. "Randy Rosamund's SENSUAL SECRETS" is still in good working order though and had me giggling like a little school kid throughout the 5 minutes or so of decidedly un-erotic audio.

Rosamund is a Yorkshire lass who likes nothing better than a good seeing to and talking in detail about her lovely Northern coont. She sounds about as sexy as Les Dawson and I very much doubt looked anything like the girl in accompanying magazine photos. But still, I guess it was a nice little extra for the average dirty mag enthusiast of the early eighties. Remember, back then a lot more effort was required to obtain material of this nature - I should imagine anything which was a step closer to the 'realness' was a very welcome bonus!

I ummed and erred about posting the accompanying audio for obvious reasons. At the end of the day though, the content is hugely incomparable to what you could potentially listen to (and watch) on the internet at just a couple of mouse clicks away. As I said before, this is pure comedy. I hate the term, or abbreviation, LOL but I defy anyone not to within the first minute of 'Randy Rosamund's SENSUAL SECRETS!'. Hit the play button below - if you find yourself doing anything but laughing then you should probably; a) find a sense of humour, or b) head straight to google for some real action!

Friday, 29 October 2010

October the 31st...

A few records I've pulled out for the kids Halloween party. Bonus nerd points for the first person to identify which West Coast rapper sampled a line from the "Haunted Mansion" record (audio below).

"Ghostly Sounds" (197?, Peter Pan Records, U.S. LP).
Music by Gershon Kingsley. Narrated by Peter Waldron.

"Tales Of Witches, Ghosts And Goblins" (1972, Caedmon Records, U.S. LP).
Narrated by Vincent Price.

"Hammer presents Dracula" (1974, EMI Studio 2, U.K. LP).
Music by Philip Martell. Narrated by Christopher Lee.

"More Death And Horror" (1978, BBC Records, U.K. LP)
Music by Mike Harding & Peter Harwood.

"The Haunted Mansion" (1970, Disneyland Records, U.S. 7")
Narrated by Robie Lester.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

"It is a rare, one of a kind, original pressing..."

Rescued from 'Help The Aged' in Bognor Regis (99p).

Modern Jazz Quartet 10" Acetate (Test Pressing).

Limited Edition Artwork by ??? (Felt Tip Pens).