Sunday, 13 February 2011


Usual melting pot of Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, etc... fix a nice brew, click the play button, then head over to King Canute's Record Club for some perfect Sunday afternoon reading material to accompany the music.


1. Al Jazzbo Collins And The Bandidos "Sonny Cool" (Intro)
(from "A Lovely Bunch Of...". 1967, Impulse Records, U.S. LP)
2. Eddie Hazel "Frantic Situation"
(from "Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs". 1977, Warner Bros, U.S. LP)
3. Gang Starr "Take Two And Pass"
(from "Daily Operation". 1992, Chrysalis Records, U.S. LP)
4. The Pharcyde "Passin' Me By"
(1993, Delicious Vinyl, U.S. 12")
5. Weather Report "125th Street Congress"
(from "Sweetnighter". 1973 CBS Records, U.K. LP)
6. London Posse "How's Life In London"
(1993, Bullet records, U.K. 12")
7. DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock "Mr DJ"
(2011, Project Blue Book, U.K. 12")
8. DJ Format "Mr DJ (B-Boy Version)"
(2011, Project Blue Book, U.K. 12")
9. The Magnetic Sounds "Super Erotica"
(from "The Magnetic Sounds". 1972, News Records, Brasilian LP)
10. DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock "Dope Pusher"
(2011, Project Blue Book, U.K. 12")
11. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "Good Life"
(from "All Souled Out". 1991, Elektra records, U.S. EP)
12. Eddie Kendricks "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind"
(from "People...Hold on". 1972, Tamla, U.S. LP)
13. O'Donel Levy "I Wanna Be Where You Are"
(from "Dawn Of A New Day". 1973, People Records, U.K. LP)
14. The Credibility Gap "An Evening With Sly Stone" (Skit)
(from "A Great Gift Idea". 1973, Reprise Records, U.S. LP)
15. Sly And The Family Stone "Love City"
(from "M'Lady". 1968, Direction, U.K. LP)
16. Big Daddy Kane "Wrath Of Kane"
(1988, Cold Chillin', U.S. 12")
17. Unknown Artist "Without No Doubt...These Are The..."
(1987, U.K. 12")
18. Ultramagnetic MC's "Ego Trippin (MC's Ultra Remix)"
(from "Critical Beatdown". 1988, Next Plateau, U.S. LP)
19. Gang Starr "Code Of The Streets"
(1994, Chrysalis Records, U.S. 12")
20. Masta Ace Incorperated "Mad Wunz"
(from "SlaughtaHouse". 1993, Delicious Vinyl, U.S. LP)
21. Gabor Szabo And The California Dreamers "San Franciscan Nights"
(from "Wind, Sky And Diamonds". 1967, Impulse Records, U.S. LP)
22. People under The Stairs "San Fransisco Knights"
(from The Next Step". 1998, PUTS records, U.S. LP)
23. Rodriguez "Sugar Man"
(from "Cold Fact". 1974, Sussex Records, U.K. LP)
24. Roland Shaw And His Orchestra "Diamonds Are Forever (Reprise)*"
(from "The Phase 4 World Of Spy Thrillers". 1972, Decca Records, U.K. LP)

*Dedicated to John Barry (1933-2011. R.I.P)


Anonymous said...

Excellent mix,nice cuts and blends.

MR KRUM said...

Cheers Ade...

Appreciate the feedback!


christo said...

Dope Mr.K!

Jeffpop77 said...

Hi Mr.Krum,
Please would you be so kind to fix the tracks 2, 5, 6 and 8 of the fabulous album of Del Richardson "Pieces of a jigsaw" that you posted on January 7 of 2010?

sunjaguar72 said...

Sweet. Glad I found this great mix. I tip my hat to ya..


Juicy said...

Hi! could you add us please to your bloglist?
Home of the HQ 80s and 90s hip-hop

Anonymous said...

are you the man I mailed a few years ago about Severe Carnage S Project Jams Henry Arms Ferring?

Anonymous said...

same anonymous. John Barry The Human Jungle & Quiller Memorandum both killer themes