Sunday, 19 September 2010


It's been nearly six months since my last Podcast - can't believe how quickly time flys! Anyway, Waxer's kind comments on this weeks Disco Scratch Radio show inspired me to pull my finger out and have a sift through the crates. The usual format - Soul, Funk, Break-to-the-Beat, Bootsale pickups, new(ish) and old Hip-Hop, etc... included amongst the selections is a short Female Rap segment as well as an appreciation for Fatback penned goodness. Goes without saying - all ORIGINAL vinyl pressings. Enjoy...


1.Gene Harris "Prelude"

(from "AstralSignal". 1974, Blue Note Records, U.S. LP)
2. The Sound Of Feeling "Along Came Same"
(from "Spleen". 1969, Mercury Records, U.K. LP)
3. Quincy Jones "Snow Creatures"
(from "The Heist". 1972, Reprise Records, U.K. LP)
4. Edan "Beauty"
(from "Beauty And The Beat". 2005, Lewis Recordings, U.S. LP)
5. Memory Man ft. Kool Keith "The Kool Keith Show"
(2007, Chopped Herring Records, U.S. 12")
6. James William Guercio"The Chase"
(from "Electra Glide In Blue O.S.T." 1973, United Artists, U.K. LP)
7. Astra Nova Orchestra "Soul Sleeper"
(1974, Alaska Records, U.K. 7")
8. Undercover latin break
(sampled by the P-Brothers)
9. Roy Head "She's About A Mover"
(from "Same People". 1970, Dunhill Records, U.S. LP)
10. Oxygen "Gone Diggin"
(2010, BBP / Big City Records, U.S. 7")
11. MC Lyte "Cappucino (DJ Doc Remix)"
(1990, First Priority Music, U.S. 12")
12. Queen Latifah "Latifah's Law"
(from "All Hail The Queen". 1989, Tommy Boy Records, U.S. LP)
13. Yo-Yo "Dope Femininity"
(1990, Atlantic Records, U.S. 12")
14. (Roxanne) Shante "Straight Razor (Large Professor Remix)"
(1992, Livin' Large, U.S. 12")
15. Rimshots "Dance Girl"
(1974, Astroscope, U.S. 7")
16. The Fatback Band "Why Is It Hard To Do (Things I Wanna Do)"
(from "Feel My Soul". 1974 Perception Records, U.S. LP)
17. Mexicanos "Street Dance"
(from "Soul Construction". 1976, Klik Records, U.K. LP)
18. Original Tropicana Steel Band "Spanish Hustle"
(from "Hot Steel". 1978, Polydor Records, U.K. LP)
19. Main Source "Just Hangin' Out (Our Hood)"
(1991, Wild Pitch Records, U.S. 12")
20. Gwen McCrae "90% Of Me Is You"
(from "Rockin' Chair". 1975, Cat Records, U.S. LP)


Mac the Barber said...

Nice selection sir .......

Beat Detective said...

Yes..Yes Ya'll & You Don't Stop! Another Dope Selection Dee...Now you got me Hunting that "SPLEEN" LP...Damn it never endz...Peace BD

Anonymous said...

Excellent site and a really nice selection of tracks on this mix..

Baldy O'Hare said...

Wahey! Took several attempts but I've finally managed to download it...look forward to giving this a listen.

Baldy O'Hare said...

yup! yup! enjoying your mix as i speak/type...bang into the selection especially tracks 11-13...keep on rocking.