Monday, 5 July 2010


Just a quick post until I have time to write something a little more substantial.

As well as working my b*llocks off during the tiresome hours of 8-5, I've been hard at it organising the Vintage at Goodwood Pre-Festival Party. For those of you unfamiliar with the forthcoming event (13th-15th of August), take the time out to have a good look around the website - here.

Festivals in the past have never really offered enough for me to warrant the ticket prices. Standing round in a field full of people I'd rather not be with, paying extortionate prices for cr*p food and probably only seeing one or two artists I'm actually interested in, isn't really my idea of fun. 'Vintage at Goodwood' is something a bit different though. Confirmed acts playing over the weekend include Cymande, Leroy Hutson, Jean Jacque Perrey, Earth Wind & Fire, Martha and The Vandellas, Joe Bataan, Ann Sexton, The Pretty Things and Tony Hatch, amongst a long list of impressive others. The line up of DJs is pretty amazing too - Keb Darge, Jazzie B, Jonny Trunk, Norman Jay, John Stapleton... to name just a few. Like I said, check the website. I can't really do it justice here.

Below is a 'Leisure Dome' style playlist I put together, as well as the artwork for the back of the Pre-Festival Party flyer. I'll be DJing on the night alongside Mex (Black Grass), Wayne Hemingway and his son Jack. If you're local, come along - should be a great night...

Valiant Orchestra "Call It What You Like".
Ian Carr's Nucleus "Roots".
Northern Dance Orchestra "Mas-Que-Nada".
Trax Four "Comin' Home Baby".
Adam Best "Wall Of Sound".
George Shearing "The World Is A Ghetto".
Elaine Delmar "Sneakin' Up On You".

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And for all you other collector nerds out there, here's a little snap shot of some of my favourite 'Vintage-ness', including some recent pick ups - The Sharp GF 525 Boombox, the 'Record Selector' and a small batch of 'Disco 45' mags. I know. I'm a geek.

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