Monday, 5 April 2010

Nomad Soul (Summer Sundays Part 3)

A day late with this post but never mind, yesterday was still pretty good weather wise, so here's the third installment of Summer Sundays. This is a 12" cut by U.K. producers Dobie and Howie B, who were collectively known as Nomad Soul. I'm pretty sure this is the only record they released under that moniker although they did produce a few remixes using the same name, most notably London Posse's classic "Jump Around" as well as Boo Ya Tribe's "Psycho Funk". I've got a fair few of Dobie's solo 12"s and of course, another London Posse classic which he also skillfully crafted - "How's Life In London". The guy's a gifted and highly underated producer in my opinion.

Now if you're familiar with the records just mentioned, which you should be, don't expect anything too similar from this track. It's hard to categorise "Candy Mountain". The beat I guess could be described as Hip-Hop (Steve Park's "Moving In The Right Direction" looped up over the Honey Drippers' drums) and although it's laced with sweet Female Soul vocals (courtesy of Diane Charlemagne), I wouldn't call it R&B. Don't know what you could tag it as really. No matter, it's not all that important, just file under 'good music'.

Whenever I play out over the Summer months I usually give this record an airing and more often than not get asked what it is and who it is by. All types of people seem to love it. It took me ages to find a copy back in the early '90s, after initially hearing about it, I think, through an older local DJ called Greg Tipper (although it might have been Mex, I can't remember for sure. If you read this Greg, hope you're doing well). Eventually one turned up at the bootsale in Croydon's Multi Storey Car Park for next to nothing. And the good news is, for those of you who might also want a copy, it can still be found today, nice and cheap, on Discogs and in plentiful supply. There's actually three different pressings listed but oddly none are the same as the one I have. They all include the Radio mix though which is the only version you need anyway.

Here's the MP3. Enjoy...

Nomad Soul "Candy Mountain (Radio Mix)"
(1991, Island Records, U.K. 12")

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p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

sweeeeet tune, Krum I dont know it. new to me. Sounds like some old UK street soul flavor which i loved back then. Ima huntin'!