Thursday, 22 April 2010

Got doubles???

Head over to The Daily Diggers and submit your photos...


Downstroke said...

Damn, doubles of Suite London, have you any idea how long I was scouring ebay for a sub £20 copy of that, I bet you picked them up at a charity for 50 pence a piece as well. Bxstaxd!!!!

MR KRUM said...

LOL! One copy did cost me 50p but from a bootsale, not a charity shop! The other I paid £2 from a local record shop. I won't mention names cause I do pick up good bits like this from time to time there. He hasn't got a clue about this sort of stuff. He's an 'old school' Rock 'N' Roll guy who doesn't do the internet - hence the price.

If you got any trades (preferably Hip Hop) then drop me a line -


Cheers - D