Friday, 12 February 2010

Walt Disney presents...

I'm off to Euro Disney with the kids in a couple of days. Don't think I'll find any records out there but you never know, Mickey and the gang have been know to bring some occasional funkyness. Well, I say funkyness, the only record I have that actually grooves in a funky way is the infamous Mike Curb Congregation version of "Mickey Mouse March". I've got the U.K. released album "BBC presents Best of Disney Time", which features this track, but there's a cool U.S. picture sleeve promo 45 I've been after for a while now - I'm hoping Walt's workers might have found some dead-stock copies to put out in the gift shops that clearly advertise 'Records' on the signs (I'll take photos this time).

I've also got a few spoken word Disney albums which have been sampled by various people over the years, including the one pictured above - "A Child's Introduction to Melody and the Instruments of the Orchestra". I won't give up exact details about what this was used on but I'm sure most of you will instantly recognise it anyway - just hit the play button below. Prince Paul craziness in full effect!

Also included below is the aforementioned version of "Mickey Mouse March". The sleeve artwork for the U.K. album is disgusting so I didn't bother scanning it in but if I do find a copy of the 45 I'll post that up when I get back...

Camarata "Cavemen" (1962 Walt Disney Productions)

The Mike Curb Congregation "Mickey Mouse March" (1975 BBC Records)

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