Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hip Hop Connection #4 (May 1989)

I've been pretty slack with the old HHC scans but a couple of recent requests has prompted me, so here's number four from May 1989...

It's by far the best issue I've covered so far - the articles are more in depth and the subject matter less commercial than previous editions. Black Rock & Ron, De La Soul and Kool DJ Red Alert bless the cover with fairly lengthy pieces about each of them inside. Ultramagnetic's get a page and a half, Stezo nearly a page. There's an interesting little interview with Peter Essence and, if like me, you'd never heard of him before, it's worth your time reading. The 'On The Tip' section features news of DJ Cash Money beating up some dodgy U.K. Promoter, the 'most exciting British release of the year' - M.C. Mell 'O's 'Comin Correct' 12", and a 'current' playlist from Afrika Bambaataa. For those of you wanting to brush up on your Golden Era Hip-Hop slang, check out the hilarious (in hindsight) two page spread by the Artful Dodger called 'Word Up'.

As always, you can click the thumbnails for super-size, readable scans...

'Strictly Business'

'On The Tip'

News in brief / Stezo

'Word Up' (Dictionary of Hip-Hop Slang)

Ultramagnetic M.C.s / Dolby D

'Gangsta Limpin'

Kool DJ Red Alert

Black Rock & Ron

De La Soul

Peter Essence / Choice M.C.


DISORDA said...

Props bro, not seen this issue in tiiiiimmme.... Remember buying it. Oh the days gone by.

Stu said...

Nice to see this again, all my old copies are long gone.