Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions?

I was gonna write a year round-up, or maybe even decade round-up with top ten lists and the like but decided it would be a bit too obvious for 'The Wonderful World Of Bizarre'. Besides putting together charts of decent Hip-Hop releases over the last ten years would prove to be a struggle, let alone just for 2009!!!

Instead, I thought I'd try and help a few of you smokers out with your annual New Year's Resolutions. So here's a record by Australian/Canadian Magician/Hypnotist 'Raveen', entitled 'Stop Smoking and Overeating with Raveen'.

I've had a couple of his records over the years and they never fail to make me laugh. The guy has got one of the scariest voices I've heard, which is pretty ironic really as his main objective on each record is to try and make you relax. I guarantee you will feel far from calm after a 'session' with Raveen! In fact the first thing I wanted to do after listening to Side-A was spark up a tab to ease my nerves. I've recorded a large segment which you can check out below. If Raveen's deep, droning voice manages to relax you, in any way, then I suggest you go see a proper Doctor and get your head examined. Check out his technique after the brief introduction and prepare to be amazed!

Raveen 'Stop Smoking'

And for those of you who are really serious about giving up, I've scanned in the sleeve of another 'stop smoking' record. The message couldn't be simpler.

Happy 2010 everyone. Let's just hope the Roc Marciano album finally gets released this year - there's not too much else I'm really looking forward to.

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