Thursday, 26 November 2009



1. Undercover Japanese Break
2. The Electric Indian "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
(from "Keem-O-Sabe". 1969, United Artists, U.S. LP)
3. Adam Best "I Am A Man"
(from "Wall Of Sound". 1970, Fontana, U.K. LP)
4. The New Birth "Got To Get A Knutt"
(from "New Birth Disco". 1976, RCA Victor, U.S. LP)
5. E.P.M.D. "Rampage" (Remix featuring LL Cool J)
(1990, Def Jam Recordings, U.S. 12")
6. 991 Volts "Champion Of Love" (Scratch And Hip-Hop Mix)
(1989, Mercury, U.S. 12")
7. De La Soul "Ain't Hip To Be Labeled A Hippie"
(1989, Tommy Boy, U.S. 12")
8. K.M.D. "Peach Fuzz (Last Chance For Radio)"
(1991, Elektra, U.S. 12")
9. Undercover, Blue-Eyed Soul, B-Boy Break
10. I Pepper "Love Rock"
(1978, Cam Recording, Spanish 7")
11. James Royal "House Of Jack"
(from "Call My Name". 1969, C.B.S. U.K. LP)
12. Dangerdoom "Old School (featuring Talib Kweli)"
(2006, Lex, U.K. 12")
13. Soundsci "Remedy"
(from "Dig For Victory E.P.". 2009, Crate Escape, U.K. 12")
14. The Mike Sammes Singers "He Who Would Be Valiant Be"
(from "Hymns A' Swinging". 1969, Davjon, U.K. LP)
15. Max Gregor and his Orchestra "Love Is Blue"
(from "Sunshine Starshine". 1970, Polydor, U.K. LP)
16. The Flambeaux Steel Band "Evil Ways"
(from "The Flambeaux Steel Band". 1971, Melodisc, U.K. LP)
17. Steel Band Des Caraibes "I Shot The Sheriff"
(from "Steel Band Des Caraibes". 1981, Arion, Spanish LP)

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Mac said...

Quality selection as usual mate.

The "To Be A Pilgrim" track is nuts!