Thursday, 3 September 2009

D. Marcus. C - Freedom 12"

Just been shifting piles of vinyl trying to sort them back into the shelves and came across this record which I nearly forgot about (I meant to post it up sooner). I picked it up a couple of months ago off the same bloke I bought the Julius Brockington 45. It very nearly got left behind as I wasn't too sure about it at first - never heard of D Marcus C before and the label looks kinda like a dodgy house release. Closer inspection revealed mixing and engineering credits to The Laylow Posse with cuts by RG. As if to confirm it's status, the next record in the pile was Logic Control M.C.'s 'High Pursuit' (a record I first heard on one of the Aroe mix C.D.s) so I bought both.

The 'High Pursuit' 12" is dope - I already knew that - and the 'Freedom' platter turned out to be pretty nice too. D Marcus C ain't the greatest rapper in the world and the concious subject matter isn't particularly ground breaking (it's very 'of the time') but the beat is solid and a steady 'grower'. I've listened to it a few times whilst writing this and it gets better with ever spin. The vinyl includes the vocal version (ripped below) plus Instrumental, Vocal Dub (which is actually an accapella) and 'Bonus Beat'. Not an essential release but for those U.K. collectors searching for records beyond the staple pieces it's well worth tracking down. When I first bought this there were two listed on Discogs, both at rather optimistic prices of £99.99. I've just checked again and one has now been reduced to £24.99.

As a bonus I've uploaded the Logic Control M.C.'s too - nice high quality 320 kbit/s.

D. Marcus. C 'Freedom' (1990 white label U.K. 12")

Logic Control M.C.'s 'High Pursuit' (1990 Concious Music U.K. 12")

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moyinka said...

thanks for the d marcus c. i had a bid a few months back on ebay but it went for over a fiver and that's usually my limit these days.