Thursday, 9 July 2009

Julius Brockington & The Magic Force

Will be 'blogging' again properly as of next week. I've picked up sooooo many records at the bootsales over the last month or so and have got loads of posts planned so check back on Monday.

The record you see on the left I bought in the rain on Sunday morning for 20 pence. One of my favourite finds so far this year.


A Pyrex Scholar said...

If you picked THAT up at the chi boooty you are a lucky man. its one of my all tim favorites. Good work krumizzle!

MR KRUM said...

No, not from the Chi bootsale...haven't picked up anything decent from there in a while.

rom my regular Sunday morning haunt - well out of town.

Daily Diggers said...

Good to see you back in EFFECT Mr Krum.

Keep bringing those 45s!

Kid Dyno

Positivity! said...

Holy Shit Krum! 20 pence? thats gangsta. Great record man look forward to hearing it at POS!

Waxer said...

Jussa quick ione to say glad you're back & great find! Also I want to link to your blog to let my readers know about you is that OK? I want to put an advert to your blog on the main page of Disco Scratch. Have a butchers in the forum too it's slowly growing! Thanks man peace!

Spyfire said...

Just stumbled on this write up about Carnage days, very nostalgic.
Didn't know we even took photos in there, hahaha
Shoot me an email some time and I'll see if I can dig up a couple of old photos,
Adam / AKA