Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Wallabee Champ

The only trainers I buy are Nikes, and the only 'proper' shoes I buy are Clarks. Clarks' Wallabees to be precise. Effortlessly stylish, never dated and comfy as you like. Ghostface, amongst others, has a particular soft spot for the luxury suede footwear, naming an entire album after them and also concocting some of the most hideous colour combos known to man for the sleeve of his 'Ironman' LP. I prefer to stick with the standard tan or 'chestnut' brown hi-tops, but Ghost obviously has a more flamboyant approach. Anyway, here's a little promotional 45 probably released in the late 60's or early 70's (no date on label), dedicated the classic British comfort shoe. 'Walking Free' is a soft pop groove very typical of advertising jingles of the time. Bright and chirpy with a positive message...lovely Sunday morning driving music. Enjoy.

Unknown artist 'Walking Free' (196/7? Clarks promo 45)


Waxer said...

Did you know that in Pompey Wallabees were known as "Pasties"? I didn't even know they were wallabees until I met my missus in the mid 90s (east London bird of the rave era). Yeah, you would see Pasties in their thousands, with Naf Naf tee shirts and those ridiculous baby romper rave suits!

MR KRUM said...

Yeah mate! We all used to call them Pasties too. I used to go down to Charlotte Street to get them - although they weren't real Clarks but at the time I didn't really care. Naf Naf, Chippy, Chevignon, Kickers, Paisley tracksuits!!! Classic late 80s Pompey style! Do you remember that shop that used to do all the custom leather bum bags and stuff on Charlotte St? Used to sell records in there as well. Can't think what it was called now. Always used to pop in there on the way round to Dominoes before they moved. That was a good shop too - got so many classic from there over the years.