Sunday, 13 July 2008

Pump up the petrol

Just picked up this album cover without the vinyl and I'm hoping somebody can put me out of my misery and let me know what the actual record is like?!! It's a promotional item for Regent Petrol which features some beautiful photography and graphic design set out across twelve sides of a gatefold sleeve and inner pages. Featuring photos of the 'Regent Girl', (a model named Caroline Sanders who at the time lived in Kensington, London) the packaging is stunning. The L.P. is titled "The Lively One '67", and from what I can make out, was sent to Regent garages as a part of a package to use for in-house promotion. Also included in these packages were, 'sensational' new posters in various sizes, a new pump bezel, a 'fabulous' life-size cut-out of the Regent Girl and 'bullet hole' stickers and T-shirts. The album liner notes gives suggestions for garage managers to help run their new promotion campaign. Here are some of their ideas...'Dress your attendants in Caroline kit', Play the "Lively One" record', Use water pistol window washers', 'Have holsters round pumps to hold nozzles'..

So, Can anyone help? I'd like to think the music has that 60's British Big Band pop sound with a funky twist to it, maybe even some licensed Library tracks by Alan Moorhouse, Keith Mansfield, or the like. Better still, original numbers by these sort of artists, that were exclusively written for this L.P. Then again, I think I'd prefer to be told it's completely sh*t, as the chances of finding another copy are pretty slim to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Just trollin around looking for a picture of my aunt Caroline and there she was on your blog.

Happy to put you in touch if you want the whole story.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of the 1967 The Lively One by Regent Petrol. I was a Regent Dealer at the time. Inside is the record you referred to. Issued by UNITED ARTISTS. Called THE LIVELY ONE by VINCE EDWARDS. UP1179.

Anonymous said...

Would so love to be in touch with Caroline Sanders, through her nephew/niece, for the purpose of being in touch with her for an interview. I plan to write a magazine piece about the Regent campaign.