Thursday, 17 July 2008

No Serato? (part 2)

If you're still using vinyl, you gotta keep them babies clean, and what better way to do it than with Bib's 'Record Care Kit'? The complete package for the connoisseur, it includes a 'record dust-off', a 'turntable cleaning cloth', 'stylus & turntable liquid', a 'stylus cleaning brush' and even a 'turntable spirit level'! The main feature, a 'GROOVE-KLEEN modern automatic record cleaner' is unfortunately missing, but everything else is untouched and box fresh. I totally forgot I had this, but whilst trying to locate my 'Record Vacuum' found it at the back of a cupboard with some other bits I'll post later. I bought this about 5 years ago from a house clearance bloke down at the train station boot-sale (R.I.P). It's quite sad sieving through someones lifetime belongings and even sadder to come across hundreds of family photos, holiday slides, cine films, etc, that nobody apparently wanted. Anyway, I bought this and a batch of Easy Listening LP's for a couple of quid. The records were all sh*t, but this box and it's contents are dope - just a shame the 'GROOV-KLEEN' is M.I.A.

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