Sunday, 6 July 2008

Holiday destinations?

From the sounds of this promotional 45 you might wanna consider Salisbury. But...NOT the quaint little Cathedral City in the South of England, oh no. We're talking, Salisbury - Rhodesia! The 'Sunshine City'.
Boasting over 600 clubs, and, almost as many pubs. All in a near perfect climate. A city of trees, flowers, and above all, SUNSHINE! A city where Indian families' women wear Saris that add an extra splash of colour as they mingle with blond Dutchmen, dark haired Italians, Germans, Belgians, Israelis, French, and, MANY South Africans! Wow! What a place! Check out everything else it has to offer, as well as the numerous Hip-Hop loops sprinkled in between the dramatic dialogue. All on this dope little picture sleeve 45. No date listed anywhere, but I'm guessing early 70's. time you're thinking about booking a holiday, think Salisbury - think Salisbury, RHODESIA!!!

Salisbury Publicity Association 'Salisbury - Sunshine City' (Rhodesian promo 45)

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