Monday, 28 July 2008

The Black Version

Just been recording some Soul and Funk to burn onto C.D. for the car and realized half way through the day that a lot of the tracks I was converting are covers, or 'versions' of other peoples music. So, I've decided to put 60 minutes worth of these versions together for your downloading pleasure. Nothing mega rare or particularly hard to find on the internet but some nice bits that I've picked up at the boot-sales and charity shops over the years. I was gonna write about each individual song but you can find out anything you need to know with a quick google search. There's a few Bill Withers tunes, some Sly & The Family Stone, a couple of Beatles tracks, and a whole bunch of other artists music. Break spotters will pick up on some of the samples used by Buckwild, Lord Finesse, Rza, DJ Spinna, Dr Dre, and T-Ray. Check back next week for the 'Secret Squirrel' edition where I'm gonna go deep with some crazy 'white boy' versions. You'll have to forgive the odd crackle here and there, all songs are recorded from the ORIGINAL vinyl pressings...

1. The Shirelles "Ain't No Sunshine" (1972 RCA Records U.K.)
2. Ike Turner, Tina Turner & Home Grown Funk "Use Me" (1980 Fantasy Records U.S.)
3. Al Jarreau "Kissing My Love" (1976 Timewind Germany)
4. Gladys Knight and the Pips "Thank You" (1973 Motown Soul U.S.)
5. Clydie King & Brown Sugar "Dance To The Music" (1973 Chelsea Records U.S.)
6. John L. Watson with White Mouse "I Get Lifted" (1975 Spark U.K.)
7. O.V. Wright "Let's Straighten It Out" (1978 Hi U.S.)
8. Brook Benton "Born Under A Bad Sign" (1970 Cotillion U.S.)
9. O.C. Smith "Hey Jude" (1969 CBS U.K.)
10. The 5th Dimension "Ticket To Ride" (1971 Bell U.S.)
11. Melba Moore "Walk A Mile In My Shoes/25 Miles" (1971 Mercury U.S.)
12. Little Royal "Another Woman's Man" (1972 Tri Us / King U.S.)
13. King Curtis "You're The One" (1972 Atlantic U.K.)
14. Jackie Wilson "Light My Fire" (1968 Brunswick U.S.)
15. The Chequers "Get Up Stand Up" (1970 Creole U.K.)
16. Melvin Van Pebbles "Superstition" (1973 Atlantic U.S.)

Mr Krum "The Black Version"

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